I am a Research Scientist at Tencent, working with Dr. Gang Yu. I received my doctoral degree from University of Chinese Academy Sciences (ShanghaiTech) Visual Intelligent Center (VIC), where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Jingyi Yu. After graduation, I joined Tencent through Tencent’s 技术大咖 program, focusing on Generative AI.

My research interests focus on Computer Vision for Graphics. I have a great passion on new things and new ideas, my goal is to create Generative AI, which is about humans, used for humans, and benefits humans.

  • Generative AI
  • Computer Vision for Graphics
  • Human Motion Generation
  • 3D Foundation Models
  • Multimodal Models
  • [Conference Reviewer]
  • [Journal Reviewer]
  • Welcome discussions from academia and industry, especially regarding technology implementation and real-world impact. Feel free to reach out via email.
  • I currently have internship positions available with the goal of conducting cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence. If you are interested, please send me an email.
  • [2024/06] We introduce MeshXL, a 3D fundamental model for mesh generation
  • [2024/04] Vote2Cap-DETR++ is accepted by T-PAMI 2024, congrats to Sijin Chen
  • [2024/02] 3 papers accepted at CVPR 2024, congrats to Paint3D, LL3DA, OMG
  • [2024/01] TapMo is accepted by ICLR 2024, congrats to Jiaxu Zhang
  • [2023/12] We introduce Paint3D, a lighting-less texture diffusion model.
  • [2023/12] We introduce AppAgent, a multimodal agent for smartphone apps.
  • [2023/11] We introduce ShapeGPT, a multimodal LLM for 3D shape generation.
  • [2023/11] We introduce LL3DA and M3DBench, a multimodal-language 3D assistant and benchmark.
  • [2023/09] 3 papers accepted at NeurIPS 2023
  • [2023/07] 1 paper accepted at ICCV 2023
  • [2023/02] 2 papers accepted at CVPR 2023
  • [2022/02] Join Tencent as a Research Scientist
  • [2022/01] Receive my Ph.D. degree
  • [2021/10] TightCap will be presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2022


MeshXL: Neural Coordinate Field for Generative 3D Foundation Models
Paint3D: Paint Anything 3D with Lighting-less Texture Diffusion Models
TightCap: 3D Human Shape Capture with Clothing Tightness Field
Neural Free-Viewpoint Performance Rendering under Complex Human-object Interactions
ChallenCap: Monocular 3D Capture of Challenging Human Performances using Multi-Modal References
Sparse Photometric 3D Face Reconstruction Guided by Morphable Models


Tencent | 腾讯
Research Scientist
February 2022 – Present Shanghai
Research Scientist at QQ Image Lab, received two Outstanding performances and Tencent STAR Award 2023.
Tencent | 腾讯
Research Scientist Intern
November 2020 – May 2021 Shanghai
Research Scientist Intern at Tencent YouTuLab in 2020, focusing on the 3D human body reconstruction.
DGene Digital Technology Inc. | 叠境数字
Research Engineer Intern
July 2018 – December 2019 Shanghai
Research Engineer Intern at DGene Digital Technology Inc., my supervisor’s start-up, for world digitalization. I won the Best Outstanding Intern Award in 2018 for leading the mobile virtual fitting project.
Deerev  | 飞路
Software Engineer Summer Intern
June 2014 – September 2014 Shanghai
Software Engineer Intern in the Mobile App design Group, where I worked on system design and software testing.